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Longarm Quilting 

Long Arm Quilting is a collaborative effort between YOU the quilter and your long arm artist. Some mental preparation before-hand, will result in an even more wonderful quilt!

Think about who the quilt is for, what type of “feel” were you after as you were piecing it (playful, dramatic, homey)? How will it be used? How much would you like to spend? Being prepared with an idea of how you want the finished quilt to look will really help your quilter achieve YOUR vision.

Please call to discuss, or plan to meet your quilter at The Wild Hare to talk it over in person.

The prices below are a great starting point.
To calculate a price for your quilt, you will want to measure the quilt top both horizontally and vertically at the widest points. Take these measurements and multiply them. This gives you the square inches. Now multiply that figure by your choice of quilting from the list below.


For example: My quilt measures 80” x 90”=7,200” sq. in

Batting can either be purchased at the store in person or from the quilter, or you can bring your own.  Shipping, trimming, binding are in addition, and something we can discuss when we take in your quilt.

Long Arm Prices 

effective October 18, 2021:

Overall design 0.0175 cents/sq. in

Light Custom 0.0250 cents/sq. in

Custom Med. Density/color changes 0.0275 cents/sq. in and up

Heirloom Density/custom design work 0.0350 cents/sq. in and up

Minimum charge small items $35.00

Repair of open seams, seam backing yardage, squaring quilt, etc. $20/hr